Why every online business needs to create an online course

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Content Creation, Recurring revenue

If you’re an online business there’s a high chance you’ve heard about the need to create an online course or other digital product you can sell online. The internet has enabled us to reach out to a global audience and help a larger number of people. Digital products have given us the ability to quickly and simply create products that address our ideal clients needs in an easily digestible way – and online courses are an easy way to do that.

Online courses are incredibly popular as they enable students to study at a pace that suits them. E-learning is also growing in popularity, particularly if it’s based around video content and bite-sized modules – both of which lend themselves to the speed and ease associated with e-learning.

But if you’re only just starting out in business or are new to the online world, you may not realise the benefits you can glean from having an online course. So here’s a quick breakdown of why every online business needs to create an online course!

Create an online course to showcase your expertise

Having an online course is a great way to showcase your expertise and share your knowledge with a wider audience. You’re being paid for your knowledge and this builds credibility, not to mention your confidence! 

Gives clients an additional way to work with you

Many service providers and coaches focus on 121 packages for their clients. But what if they’re not able to invest those higher ticket prices? This is where a course can help. It enables you to create an additional solution, one that’s a lower price and offers an alternative way of accessing your knowledge and support. 

Offers a flexible learning solution

As mentioned earlier, e-learning is growing in popularity, and that’s understandable. With so many people mobile now, they want to learn on the move too. Your ideal clients also want to study at a pace that suits them. Online course platforms give them the option to study online or via an app, but also the freedom to study when and wherever they are. 

Helps you create passive income

And of course, when you create an online course it introduces you to the passive income stream. You can earn money on autopilot, with minimum pressure to include your valuable time. Some online courses include access to an online Facebook group, as this gives them a way to still be visible and offer some support, but this isn’t essential. If you want to, you can set your course up and then leave it alone and have no further involvement in it, making it a great way to earn a passive income in addition to your 121 services.

The internet has enabled us to reach a wider global audience and help more of our ideal audience. Having an online course enables you to offer an easy and affordable way to introduce yourself to that audience and showcase your expertise, whilst giving them solutions to help them move forward. And being an excellent way to introduce passive income into your business, it’s the reason why every online business needs to create an online course for themselves.

If you’re looking for help you create your online course and link all the tech together to make it work, get in touch. We offer a number of solutions that would meet your needs, including 121 support. Simply book in a discovery call and let’s discuss the best way to help you get your online course created!

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