Why creating a business list should be in your 2019 task list

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Why creating a business list should be in your task list


There are many things you “should” do in business, according to Those Who Know. What you should do and what will benefit you most are often two different things. We explore why building your business list is a great idea that will be beneficial to your business.

Email Subscribers are More Likely to Be Customers
The chances are that if someone has given you their email address and are open to receiving communications from you that they are significantly more likely to become customers. Maintaining an email list and using it effectively offers you a chance to convert very warm leads to successful sales.

Obtaining an Email Address is the Beginning of a Relationship
How do you start to learn about a business? If like many you start by signing up for emails/a newsletter you will understand that these first impressions, the welcome email, the first newsletter or update that comes through your inbox can make all the difference to how your relationship with a business progresses. Utilising your own business list therefore offers you the opportunity to dictate how you want to start a new relationship with a potential customer/lead.

Email Lists Help Drive Traffic
Using email marketing effectively enables you to drive traffic to a new product range, a sale, new information and more; whatever is most relevant and pressing at any given time. By sharing a blog post about a new service or product you are reaching people already reasonably interested in what you offer and driving them towards your website for more information.

The Personal Touch
Building a business list enables you to collect a core of brand-friendly contacts. By being subscribers they offer you the opportunity to reward their loyalty via special offers, discount codes, sneak peaks and more. This personal touch builds loyalty and your reputation, both of which are of supreme importance when it comes to running a business successfully.

Email Marketing is Cheap and Effective
Even with a premium subscription to an email marketing platform (which isn’t a huge expense) and paying someone who knows how to use it effectively, email marketing may still be considered a highly affordable and rewarding way to market your enterprise.

You Have Complete Control Over Your Email List
You control your list completely. You control the dialogue; who sees what and when. You might say that you have the same power with social media however social media really isn’t the sort of beast that can be entirely tamed as it is open to interaction from the general public, including the posting of comments, reviews etc. You control what is sent out to your business list completely.

An Extra Layer of Exposure
Not everyone actively follows a Facebook page, although some do. Not everyone follows a hashtag, watches a video or takes notice of a flyer through the front door. Not everyone opens and reads an email from a business they previous expressed an interest in. Some do though. By maintaining quality social media marketing efforts as well as a dedicated business email list you are effectively covering all of your bases and increasing the chance of your message getting across.

These are just a few of the ways that building and maintaining a business list may be helpful. It’s clear to see that this is most definitely a business tool that deserves to fall under the must have/should do category!



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