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Startups are very rampant these days, increasing the level of competition for small businesses. People who run a small business online such as micro-influencers or bloggers are finding it very hard to make breakthroughs in their respective niche. It isn’t necessarily due to lack of trying, many small businesses put an extreme amount of effort into getting customers and driving sales. Many entrepreneurs even go as far as giving free information and online courses to entice customers and upscale their businesses.

So where does it all go wrong? What are these successful small businesses doing that puts them at the top? The answer is simple: marketing; a few examples are content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and so many others. But while these forms of marketing can be very productive, none paints a better picture of a brand in the minds of prospective customers like video marketing.

Why Video Marketing is Making Waves

While there are so many marketing schemes and tactics that can bring in sales to your small business, nothing compares to video marketing. In fact, in this digital age that we’re in, no marketing strategy has the same positive effect on opt-ins, conversions and sales like video marketing do. So many online businesses are benefiting from video marketing tactics and are generating millions of dollars by executing them properly.

Why exactly should you employ video marketing tactics, here are a few reasons:

  • It Communicates Your Business Value: There is no better way to paint a vivid picture of your company, brand, and the value it presents. A lot can be said in visual representations and a lot more could be explained in spoken words. The ability to convince a customer to make a sale depends on how well you can communicate what your company does, where it started from, and also where it’s going.
  • It Saves Time While content marketing does a good job at highlighting business plans, goals and objectives, prospective customers may get lost in a jungle of written words. To be honest, there’s a reason why movies sell more than books. It’s because video can replicate what a book is trying to say in just a few minutes. People will always prefer visuals to text. In an age where people scroll through tons of content, you need something that grabs their attention—you need video marketing.
  • It’s flexible Compared to content marketing, there are so many alterations you can make to a video. Let’s take the example of an online course; it’s so much easier to explain a concept through video than with text. Imagine teaching how to design a website with text: not so many people would understand what you’re teaching. But with visual representation, people can easily understand what you’re teaching or selling

Tips for Video Marketing In Your Business

Chances are you’re already making videos that can help your small business. You probably have a YouTube channel where you post your videos. If not, then you’re probably thinking of starting one and incorporating it with your website. But there’s more to video marketing than just the ‘video’; you have to sell it.

To help you avoid the many mistakes that small businesses often make when creating videos, we’ve listed out very helpful tips to guide your path. By following these tips, you’ll be able to kick-start your video marketing campaign the right way:

1. Introduce Your Business in a Story-Like Fashion

Too many times, small business owners just make videos with the intent of selling something. That’s the wrong approach and will definitely have people quitting the video before it hit the 10-second mark. Your video should have a catchy introductory story riddled with emotions. It should not be bland and uninspiring; instead, it should be entertaining, informative and emotive. This way, viewers will be more motivated to watch the whole video.

2. Focus on Value and Not Product

Fine, you’re selling a product or service; we can understand why you’ll be anxious to sell it. But if you start the sales pitch too soon, you’ll lose viewers quick. Rather than focusing on the product, speak more about the value of that product. If possible, get some video testimonials from your biggest customers. It’s far more effective than a regular written testimonial on your site—anyone can fake that. People tend to trust video customer testimonials more than a one-line testimonial that doesn’t even link to a social account.

3. Make Your Videos Entertaining

After you make a video, watch it yourself. Does it sound and look like a lecture? If it does, you’re not going to make any meaningful conversions or sales. So, loosen up and get innovative. Tons of small businesses are doing what you’re doing. Do something to stand out like animations; or something as simple as comic relief from time to time. Entertainment is exactly what makes some bloggers and micro-influencers stand out in the business.

4. Engage The Viewer

Viewer engagement and conversation are the lifeblood of a video. Ensure you ask viewers questions from time to time and encourage them to leave answers in the comment section. This will always keep your viewers coming back for more videos.

5. Make it Brief

Look, no one online has the time for anything. Online viewers don’t like being held up on a social platform for too long. So if you have something to say, say it as quick as you can. Why, because people interact with shorter videos more than they do longer ones. The more concise your words, the better people will remember.

6. Give Tutorial Videos

People always want to learn new things. And if they’re interested in what you do, they want to know how you do it. So whenever you can, include tutorial videos on your website or YouTube channel. You don’t have to give out all your industry secrets, just information that is useful and educational

7. Market Your Video

No matter how good your video is, if you don’t advertise it, no one will see it. There are lots of things you can do to make your video go viral. For example, you could polish the SEO, share it on social media and even include snippets of it in Facebook ads. Whatever you do, get it out there.


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