3 Landing page tips to explode your conversion

by | Oct 21, 2020 | List Building, Sales Funnels

No matter how established you are in business, you need landing pages to help your business grow. But it isn’t merely a case of creating them and then leaving them do their thing – you want them to convert well too. This means you not only want to create a good landing page, but you also want to do all you can to increase conversion rates as much as possible.

So whether you’re looking to create your first landing page or tweak the ones you already have, here are some tips that will help explode your conversion rates!

Use video on your landing page

One of the most significant ways you can increase the conversion rate of your landing page is to add a video. They can actually increase them by as much as 80%! Videos are engaging, visually entertaining and, as this blog on Wordstream reminds us, our brain can process visual content 60,000 faster than text.

Videos are a great way to increase conversions, as they help build on the micro-actions a visitor takes. If they take the time to click on a video and watch it, they’re increasing both the commitment and the likelihood of buying, as they’re more engaged with your content.

Focus on the purpose of your page

If you want your landing page conversions to increase, remove distractions. Keep the focus of the page clear. You want the copy to be solely about what you’re promoting – no referring to other products and linking to other pages. Remove any additional links that may confuse your reader and remove the main navigation bar too, as it’s just another distraction. 

And if you’re using an opt-in form for content, ensure you’re keeping those form fields to a minimum too. The more you ask, the lower the conversion – so keep it to the bare essentials (ideally just name and email address!).

Have a compelling call to action on your landing page

Make it clear what you want visitors to do next and make sure you use it more than once! Your first call to action needs to be above the fold, so it’s visible before they’ve started scrolling. Depending on the length of the copy, you can then use another one or two to break up your written paragraphs, before adding a final one at the end of the page.

You also want to use action words for the button itself, such as ‘Download Now’ or ‘Buy Now’. And if you want to make it really compelling, make the buttons stand out, by using the same colour as each other, but a different colour to the rest of the page.

In summary

No matter how established your business, your landing pages need to convert. By following the three tips above, you’ll be able to ensure you create a landing page that is engaging, focused and designed to improve your conversion rates. 

And if you already have your landing pages created? Why not give them a quick overhaul, and see which of the above tips you can implement, to improve them and further explode those conversion rates!

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